We've got a couple of bangers for you today guys. Everyone know that The Subs go hard. 'Mitsubitchi', 'My Body' and 'The Visible Man' are all good examples of this. They also produce electro epics such as 'Hannibal & The Battle Of Zama'. Today however, we're here to chat about a couple of the best remixes from their latest EP 'Don't Stop'.

The two mixes that really stand out on this release are by Autoerotique and The Aston Shuffle. Both hit hard. Both wipe the floor with the other mixes. Both have been on repeat for the past two hours. You get the drift. Whilst the other offerings on the EP are all pretty good, they just don't compare to these babies.

You can purchase the full EP on the 30th of May. Mark it down in your diaries people. Grab the 192s of our two favorite mixes, listen to the rest in the player below and then check out the brilliant video for 'Don't Stop'. Play them loud this weekend. Show The Subs some love.

Downloads (Hosted on Box)

Don't Stop (Autoerotique Remix) [192 kbps] - The Subs

Don't Stop (The Aston Shuffle Remix) [192 kbps] - The Subs

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