We have something rather special for you guys today. Founder of one of the most exciting labels in the UK right now, Chris James, kindly agreed to sitting down for an interview with us as well as providing us with an INCREDIBLE hour long guest mix (check the mix and track list out below the interview). Having played with the likes of Teki Latex and Round Table Knights, Chris is spinning records with the big guns right now. Founder of Dub Noir Music and quite the talented producer, he's going to be one to watch. Check the interview and the mix after the jump.

Where are you RIGHT NOW?

I'm currently back at my family home as I've just moved out of an apartment. I'm on the search daily for a new place, but its not so bad making beats on the balcony of a new log cabin in the country!

What was the first record you owned?

Atlantis Vs Avatar - Fiji (Inferno Records)

Who are your favorite artists/DJs at the moment?

Justin Martin
Claude VonStroke
Round Table Knights
Tom Flynn
Julio Bashmore
Coat Of Arms
Sascha Braemer

How did you originally get into DJing/producing?

When I was 15, after coming back from my first trip to Ibiza (with the family of course), I bought my first pair of belt driven decks and started mixing Tech Trance. I had no help and it took me about 12 months to beat match consistently.

Producing was earlier as I used to mess around on programmes such as Dancy Ejay and Hip-Hop Ejay ha ha. This was when i was about 11-12, i was no where nearly musically trained, i just knew how to use audio and samples and fit sounds into a 4x4 beat or hip hop track.

In your opinion, what makes a GOOD remix?

I think a good remix incorporates the best parts of the original track with the re-mixers style of music. I don't really like remixes that are a completely different track to the original as in no recognisable parts. I feel that when listening to a remix, you should be able to hear it and know what the original track was or is, that makes a good remix for me.

What's the scene like in your area and do you contribute much to it?

The scene in Birmingham was stale for a number of years, but over the past 12 months nights such as Face, Bushwackers & Elixir (Hare N Hounds) have been putting on the best acts around the world. Ive been playing with the likes of Justin Martin, Jesse Rose, Zombie Disco Squad, Roska, Robert James, Mary Ann Hobbs, Ramadanman & many more which has been great. The crowd at some places though still dictate what they want to hear, which i find is wrong, people should want to hear fresh new music. If the clubs promote a classics night every 6-12 months that would make much more sense rather than people coming each week expecting to hear the same music all their life.

What's your relationship like with Jackmode?

Good, very good, i joined the end of January and i have bookings coming up in Munich @ Crux, May 6th w/ Teki Latex & Two gigs lined up for July In Switzerland, one with the Round Table Knights who i love @ Club Bonsoir in Bern. I think for my sound its the best roster to be on. They are the most forward thinking agency/ group/ family that any artist could want to be involved with in my opinion.

Name your top three labels at the moment and why they're so good?

DubNoir, because its my label, and i feel each release the label is getting a bigger and better rep. Ive noticed videos of DubNoir tracks going up from artists such as Brodinski to Emerson Todd, so its really good.

Dirtybird, I play every release, easily one of my favourite labels ever. I would love to release an EP on Dirtybird sometime in the near future :)

Made To Play, Another label that is easily one of the most innovative labels on the planet. I love the ethos of the label, and again another label i would love to have something on :)

List your favorite three tracks of the year so far and why you like them so much.

Its sad but a lot of tracks don't have a great shelf life anymore, usually a track lasts a couple of weekends if its lucky. Coat Of Arms - Is This Something, is the biggest record for me right now and has been signed to Future Boogie Records (Julio Bashmore's New Label) for a release this summer. The vocal is so catchy, it makes the track. I Think Coat Of Arms will be ones to watch as they make bumpin' house with a touch of sexiness with regards to the vocal selection.

Bubba - Makin Contact (Jet Project Remix) (Extended Play), Such a great vocal, great beats, great rhodes, i love it :)

Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You (PMR), When i first got a hold of this track, i couldn't believe what i was hearing, i played it out quite early here in Birmingham, people where going nuts and asking what is this track??? I think a couple of local dj's now will be all over Julio Bashmore for the foreseeable future.

Do you think that vinyl is still relevant in the dance scene?

Yes i do, i think its more of a habitual thing and old habits die hard. I much prefer to use cd's now due to all the logistics of either lugging vinyl around or setting up serato etc. I still enjoy vinyl being spun, Ramadanman & The Hessle Audio crew where all using it after i warmed up for them last month. The set up of it all looked a ball ache, but the end product still results in good quality music.

Where would your dream clubnight be and who'd be on the line-up?

Lets take it to the moon, now i don't know how the sound would travel and i don't know if we would be floating around or falling off the thing, but it would be fun to find out :)

It would have to be a Jackmode party, including the whole crew.

Where do you see yourself and your label a year from now?

I hope that in a years time I'm still able to do what i love for a living, making music for me and for other people. It would be great to continue to play around the world and meet loads of people. I would love to release some more music on some of my favorite labels over the next 12 months.

A DubNoir night would be cool i think as the next progression for the label. I think with the remixes we've had recently from the likes of Act Yo Age, Prince Club & more to come from Jamie Anderson etc means that the label can only keep pushing forward.

* * *

Now onto the mix. Just browse over the track list and you'll see that you're in for a treat.

Track list

1. Requests Intro
2. Lee Dearn - Trashy
3. Chris James & Lee Dearn - Damn Sure (Live Version)
4. Bongobanda - 5 Day Cruise
5. Loopus Amadeus - Carlito
6. Chris James - El Barrio
7. Matanza - Chaski
8. Kry-Lon - Los Lobos
9. Chris James - Bailar
10. Chris James - Kingdom
11. Chris James - The Story Of The Lost Tribes
12. Headshotboyz - Alamo
13. Coat Of Arms - One For The Rhodes
14. Chris James - The Mystery Of The 808
15. Requests Outro

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GETDOWNORDIE Presents: GET 'NOIR' OR DIE by Chris James

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