MIXES, MIXES, MIXES. I know I've been posting quite a few recently but they've been coming in thick and fast. Today, we've got an hour long hard electro mix from Switzerland's Sick Party. If you enjoy artists such as Gtronic, Haezer and The Bloody Beetroots, then this is for you. The track list is made up almost entirely of exclusives so check the list and get ready for an hour of mosh pit mayhem and blaring bass lines.


Kroyclub - Burned Out Cynder (Original Mix)
Ntology - Mindfucked (Original Mix)
Disco Trash Music - Floorkiller (MADS Remix)
Wasted Basterds - Smash My Disco (Original Mix)
Beef Theatre - Optimus Prime (Kisbeat Robo Remix)
The Damn Bell Doors - Calcutta (Blastaguyz Remix)
Wasted Basterds (feat. Circe) - Mad Kidz (Original Mix)
The Noisy Freaks - Fast Chased (Drivepilot Remix)
Blah Blah Blah - Gotta Move Bitch (MADS Remix)
Dirtynoise - Batidown (PARTYSMARTIE Remix)
Eby Le Beatz - Ready To Rock (Snapcrack Remix)
KRFTKDS - Justin Bieber Is Dead (PARTYSMARTIE Remix)
GSUS! - Crucifix (Freak Slaughter Remix)
Haezer (feat. Circe) - Here Come The Punks (Drivepilot Remix)
MADS (feat. A Girl And A Gun) - Dead On The Not Beat (Original Mix)
Vengeance - Nebulas (Comic Strips Remix)
The Mastertrons - Provocation (Snapcrack Remix)
Polymorphic - Move Faster (The Rampage Remix)
Cyberpunkers - Cabala (DJ Antention Remix)
Comic Strips - Song Suited For Night (Original Mix)
Tom Deluxx - Run (Aerotronic Remix)
Fresh Foolish (feat. A Girl And A Gun) - Fidgerator (The Mastertrons Remix)
The Mastertrons - Attack The Train (Drivepilot Remix)
Rob De Large - Butcher, Bodies Pt.1 (Bang Chatter Remix)
Dead CAT Bounce - Feather (o.l.x. Remix)

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