Time for the latest release from Marble. Bobmo and Surkin aka. High Powered Boys, have done it AGAIN. The duo never cease to impress me, with each new release, their sound slightly alters every time but you can still tell it's their handiwork.

Whilst 'Girly' has been donned as both a bomb and a bullet in a club gun (WTF?!) and it IS a pretty decent track, I personally prefer 'Crash'. It's just got that little something extra. You can judge for yourselves by listening to both tracks below in the Soundcloud player.

The 192 of 'Crash' is also available for download below. Once you've had a few listens, head on over to Beatport and grab the EP. If you don't, we'll fuck you up. Capiche?

Download (Hosted on Box)

Crash [192 kbps] - High Powered Boys

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