One of my favorite artists, young Christoph Andersson, has just finished his guest mix for our Canadian pals What's For Dinna. Mr Andersson has managed to squeeze a whole lot of goodness into just over thirty minutes. Everything this chap has done and I mean EVERYTHING, has been brilliant. I can't give this guy, his releases or this incredible mix enough praise. All I can say is check the track list below and have a listen. Click the cloud icon in the player to go on over to Soundcloud and download the mix. Capiche?


Subvader - Starboard Roller
Christoph Andersson - Gestalt (Cedaa Remix)
Lil Wayne - Bill Gates
Canblaster - Triple Ring
The Dream - Motivation (Remix)
Swick - Jogalani
Double Oh Pimo - B-more Bitch
Trey Songz - Love Faces (Quality B-More Remix)
Homeboi - Shrimps
Dark Sky - High Rise
Brenmar - Paper Running
Christoph Andersson - Metropolis
The Weeknd - The Party & The After Party

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