The latest EP from French producers BeatauCue - Falcon Punch - is a brilliant combination of electronic music and incredible art. The EP itself is one of the best releases from the duo to date. It seems they're really trying to push the French sound whilst still keeping that unique sound they've managed to create over the past few years. The beautiful cover art was created by one of my favorite designers, the incredible McBess. Whilst I do think the artwork is more suited to a band, it's the icing on the cake that is this release. I love cake.

There's a minimix available for download below as well as the track list for the EP. Remember to show your support and pick it up from Beatport on the 27th of June.

EP Tracklist

1. Folder
2. Falcon Punch
3. Cytise
4. Tearing
5. H.O.W.L (feat. Shinichi Osawa)
6. Close

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