As some of you may know, we recently started throwing parties in London. Matt Walsh headlined the last one in April and shit went doooowwwwwwn. This time around, we managed to snag Scotlands number one up and coming duo, Clouds.

Seeing as the next party is less than two weeks away, we thought we'd sit down for an interview with the lads. They kept their answers short, sweet and a bit tongue in cheek. Read on and don't forget to come on down to The Rhythm Factory on the 2nd of September to see them live. Hit up the Facebook event for more info. Check the interview after the jump.

What does your average day consist of? What do you do to relax when you're not pumping out techno to crowds of sweaty club goers?

C: Not a lot, I play World of Warcraft.
L: Not much really. I like to cycle around.

When you're both 'in the studio', do you ever clash when it comes to what direction you should take a track or are you both pretty much in sync?

We don't have a 'studio' so we can't make much music together so we tend to just make music separately. We have pretty similar tastes so it seems to work.

How did it feel to be 'championed' by Fake Blood (when he started playing your material in his sets)? Did you cry tears of joy whilst holding each other?

It was really cool but weird at the same time because we had still never played them out.

Do either of you ever get drunken clubgoers asking if they can 'come back to your hotel room'? If so, how do you go about repelling them?

We have a friend called Asher who we always have to look after, he's a real pain.

Do you have any idea how many hats Tiga actually owns? He seems to be wearing a different cap every time he plays a set.

One. He sketches a new design on to it before every show.

Before Clouds was born, did either of you attempt any solo productions? Were you always called Clouds?

No, not really, we started making music when I asked Calum 'Do you want to start making music?'. We weren't always called Clouds.

Are there any artists that you think are giving techno/dance music in general a bad name?

Ado. He always punches girls when he's djing. Sicko lol.

Do you have a set in stone track list for your sets or do you just wing it on the day?

Freestyle baby.

Any comments on the recent Steve Angello 'Premixed mix CD' scenario?

Nobody going to his shows gives a fuck if he's djing or not. He's a business man and business is booming.

You both hail from Perth which is quite a small town, how did you both entertain yourselves in your younger years?

Organised crime.

Any chance of a debut album anytime soon?


And finally, what can we expect from your upcoming set at GETDOWNORDIE on the 2ND of September?

A tangle of vibes, stretched into a techno weave.

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