Jerry Bouthier and his pal Andrea Gorgerino make up the world renowned duo JBAG. Recently, they were let loose on 'Cairo', the latest track from Kamp! and I'm so so glad that they were. They've pumped this remix full of disco tastiness. Anyone who has a bad word to say about this track is either totally insane or has no taste whatsoever. Don't take my word for it though, you can listen to the remix as well as the rest of the EP below. Once you're satisfied, grab the 192 from the downloads section as well as the 320 of JBAGs debut single 'Xray Sex'.

If that's not enough to feed your hungry ear holes, head on over to Beatport and grab the full EP or maybe some of JBAGs previous remixes.

EDIT: The folks over at Discotexas requested that the track be taken down but in return for our cooperation, gave us this brilliant mix from the Kamp! guys. The 'X Ray Sex' download link is still active.

Downloads (Hosted on Box)

Cairo (JBAG Remix) - Kamp! (192 kbps) [Removed by Request]

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