Today we're going to be cooking. First off, add one diced Nightbreaker to the pot, then add some shredded Teen Symmetry and finally, sprinkle a blend of brilliant production and a superb live set (they recently supported Steve Aoki), allow it to boil until the pot explodes, causing shards of metal to fly everywhere, destroying all of your mothers best crockery. After the dust settles and you've picked yourself up, you're left with Night Symmetry - the next big thing to emerge from the world of techno.

Both members of the duo had been producing prior to forming this new act. They took Sound of Stereos' 'Diamond', shook it up, smacked its bottom and tore it a new one, eventually molding it into an acid-techno masterpiece. Check the remix below and then grab it from the downloads section. You'll definitely be hearing AND seeing a lot more of these guys in 2012.

Download (Hosted on Box)

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