We've got something special for you today, recently, I sat down for a chat with electro super producer and DJ/club impresario Dylan Eiland otherwise known as Le Castle Vania. I fired a few questions in his direction and he bounced the answers right back at me.

Once you've finished reading, you can download a few of LCVs latest remixes and check out his Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape series in the Soundcloud player. Head on over to Beatport, purchase a few of his tracks and show him some love if you can afford it. Check the interview after the jump.

One of the tracks that really got me hooked on electronic music was 'Meet Your Replacement' by Lies in Disguise aka. you and Blake Miller. Will you two be getting back together at some point and pumping out more bangers?

Who knows what the future might hold but for now, we are both very focused on other projects. That said we have a good relationship so it's definitely not out of the question.
I for one, have always wanted to experience what you do live. Is there any chance of you visiting the UK sometime this decade?

I would love to make it back to the UK. I haven't played over there in quite some time. For some reason when ever I make my trips to Europe it just never ends up working out for me to make the hop over to the UK but hopefully we will get that worked out in the near future!
'Awake' was yet another dance floor destroying electro monster, can we expect more tracks like this anytime soon? A new EP or maybe even an album?

Yes, I've been working on a release of all new original tracks that is getting pretty close to being ready for release. aside from that I also have several gnarly remixes getting ready to drop, Including a remix that I have done for John Lord Fonda's track 'Sound of a Melody' dropping on Vitalic's label Citizen Records, A remix for Kaskade's next song 'Turn It Down' which will be coming out on Ultra Records as well as a Remix for a song called 'Roulette' by a duo called Split & Jaxta that I am putting out on my record label Always Never Records. Aside from that I also have the Awake Remixes release dropping at the end of this month on Always Never which will feature various remixes of my single 'Awake' by Evol Intent, South Central, J.Rabbit, and Freefire.

Have you got any 'whatever happens on tour, stays on tour' stories? Care to break the code of 'stays on tour' and share a few of them with us?

Never break the code...thats rule number one.

Out of all of the people you've met during your career, both DJs and producers, who parties the hardest and who passes out before the night's even begun?

 Man, I just did a month long festival tour in the US called Identity Festival with a whole slue of artist and i have to say that as far partying goes my homie Datsik took the cake. I shared a tour bus with him and lets just say if I were willing to break the code you mentioned in the last question, well he definitely provided me with a few stories to tell haha. I also want to give an honorable mention to Ken and Scott from The Crystal Method you know those guys have been in the game for a while now, since like at least the mid 90's but they definitely went in on the partying way harder than a lot of the newer younger guys on the tour for sure! It's actually kind of funny because a lot of the big name acts that people would typically perceive as being big crazy partiers end up actually being really low key mild mannered people for the most part when they are off stage and not performing.

What do you like to do when you're not 'in the studio' or on tour? Before you answer, you are NOT allowed to say SLEEP.

First off i'm a hustler...I never sleep. Second I almost never have down time from both touring and the studio it's usually one or the other but when i do find some free time i usually keep it low key i'm a big cinema fan so i usually try to catch a movie in the theatre or on Netflix...i'm addicted to Netflix online.

And finally, as a signoff, who are your top three up and coming artists/DJs to watch in 2012?

Freefire, Split & Jaxta and South Central.

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