Today is a sad day for the music world. One of it's most talented stars has passed away. Mehdi Favéris-Essadi better known as DJ Mehdi to you and me, has been confirmed dead at age 34. He made friends wherever he went, he made incredible music whenever he was in the studio and most importantly, he made all of us dance.

There has been a huge response to the news of his death all over the internet. Twitter in particular has been flooded with R.I.P. messages and peoples memories of when they first met the man. Details of how he died are still rather sketchy but one thing we can say for certain, from all of us here at GETDOWNORDIE, he will be missed on many a dance floor.

R.I.P. DJ Mehdi.

I'm including my two favorite tracks by the man for all you DJs out there to play out tonight, tomorrow night and every night until the day you can DJ no more. 

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