We have a lot of friends. Some of them love dance music, some of them don't. Some of them dabble in production, some of them don't. The friend in question however, keeps pumping track after track out of her London studio with no intention of stopping. Scarlett Etienne has taken on a new project (Scarlett and the Pixels) which moves away from her pop roots and drunkenly stumbles in a pair of stilettos towards her love of techno.

This latest EP covers a range of electronic genres thanks to it's stellar cast of remixers. The track list consists of two brilliant original works from Scarlett followed by remixes from Daniel Avery (STOPMAKINGME), Etnik, Lemmy Asthon and Scarlett Etienne herself. The Etnik remix has already received a LOT of attention online and it's only a matter of time until the other mixes do too.

As a special treat for you all, we've been given permission to hand out the Lemmy Ashton remix for free. Yes, you read that correctly. For FREE. Grab it below and then listen to the rest of the tracks on the EP. You can grab the entire package over at Beatport NOW so show Scarlett some love this Christmas.

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Spark (Lemmy Ashton Remix) - Scarlett and the Pixels - Download

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