Ahead of his killer set at the incredibly messy Bugged Out Weekender (a full review will be up soon), we decided to sit down with the brilliant Eats Everything in the hopes of gaining some insight into his world. Also, for those who didn't catch his set this weekend, you can listen to his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix below the interview. Check the interview after the jump.

So, tell us a little bit about yourself? Where did it all begin?

It began on May 12th 1980, then I got into dance music in 1992/93 and my love of it grew and grew from there really.

What moment did things start to really pick up for you? You're everywhere at the minute!

Things really picked up for me when Catz n Dogz signed and released my track Entrance Song on their wonderful record label Pets Recordings. Since then, it's just gone from strength to strength.

Out of all of the places you've played, which have been your favorite?

My two favourite gigs of the year have been Audio in Brighton and Fabric in London, both on the first weekend in November. Audio was INSANE!!! People were going mental from the time I started at midnight till the time Claude VonStroke finished at 8am!! Amazing crowd. And Fabric was just awesome to be in THAT dj booth playing to that crowd. Its the stuff dreams are made of! Also my Essential Mix was pretty damn special in my hometown of Bristol, but Bristol is always great so...

In regards to your name – what's been your favourite food on your travels? Any deep-fried kangaroo dicks?

I had this amazing meal when I was in Kazakhstan. The promoter, Nour, took me to the best restaurant in Almaty, which they opened especially for me, and they made me the national Kazakh dish which I forget the name of. It was amazing and it wasn't even on the menu!! Great hospitality and lovely people over there. Can't wait to go back.

Also, we see your logo is similar to the Burger King logo - Burger King or McDonald's? Burger King for the fries surely?

McDonald's breakfast all the way, not really keen on the rest of the food from either tbh. I once caused myself a painful and embarrassing injury when rushing to dry myself to get to McDonald's in time for breakfast. I was drying my hair so vigorously that I trapped a nerve in my neck, which cricked my neck to one side and I had to stand naked till 5:30pm in my house till my dad came round to dress me and take me to a chiropractor! I couldn't move at all or sit down!!

Back to the music! What would you say is your number one release of all time?

Of other peoples it would probably be any one of the Todd Terry Unreleased Projects. Of mine, its a toss up between my Pets and Dirtybird EP's.

Which track of your own are you most happy with?

A new one I have done called Jagged Edge, which is out on Pets in the spring. Technically, musically and sonically its the best thing I have done. It may not be as obvious an impact record as Entrance Song or The Size but it is my favourite for sure.

How did the Dirtybird Link Up occur? Everything they touch turns to gold!

The Dirtybird link happened through a number of factors, meeting J Phlip in Bristol, Pets releasing Entrance Song and Claude VonStroke hearing Justin play The Size at Movement in Detroit.

We saw on VonStroke's twitter that you & him have got some bits coming out 2012 as a part of a massive project, with 12 DB Artists!! Can we be cheeky and ask about that?

Me and Claude have just finished a collaboration which will be released February on the dirtybird 7 year anniversary EP. Its called Ignorance Is Bliss and its very different to what either of us do. Its really cool though, I am super happy with it.

A fan has asked if we'll ever see a release of your remix of Adam F – Circles Rework ?

 I hope so, I really hope so but its out of my hands. There may or may not be talks going on about releasing it but if it doesn't get a release then I won't be giving it away out of respect for Adam F and the original.

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