Seeing as it's not all that long now (February 3rd @ The Drop) until GETDOWNORDIE #3 takes place, we thought it'd be a good idea to sit down with the chaps who'll be delivering the vibes - Riotous Rockers. Check the interview after the jump.

Before anything else, could you give our readers a bit of insight into the history of Riotous Rockers? How/when did you meet?

RR: We met on the dance-floor at Fabric in 2003, we think it was a Wall of Sound night.

Have either of you ever ventured into production or have you only ever focused on DJing?

Pete: I have meddled in the past, but recently it’s been about the DJing and promoting our night ASBO – it’s still something I’d be up for, but it’d have to be for the right reasons – certainly not into just putting something out there in the name of self-promotion.

Boggy: I put the Benny Hill theme onto the end of Skreams La Roux remix once, I told Annie Mac but she didn't seem too interested.

In your years of experience, are there any clubs that our readers should try to avoid? Likewise with DJs, has anyone ever given you strife?

Pete: We’ve met loads of wallies along the way but thankfully they’ve been outnumbered by the really great people doing this for the love of music.

Boggy: The only time I ever wanted to 'do one' before I played was an indie night at the Barfly in Liverpool, maximum fear. People queueing up to look through my record bag, 'got any razorlight' that sort of thing. Steve Bug made us wait quite a while in an airport once as well!

Has there ever been a time when you've really fucked up during a set or had any embarrassing occurrences on tour?

Pete: If I don’t fuck up during a set then I feel I’ve not done my job properly!

Boggy: I took off a record and threw up on it at the Legion on Old Street once. Playing the same record twice during a set is sort of a speciality for me.

Would you ever consider using a premixed CD? And what do you think of the DJs that are using them in their shows?

Pete: Do people do that?! Why?!?

Boggy: In the 17 years I've been djing I think 2 sets have been prepared track by track (not pre-mixed!) in some order. If your going to a club and having an exact idea of what your playing then obviously you're not reading the crowd.

Are there any artists/DJs you think our readers should be looking out for in 2012?

Pete - Artists: Kindness, Krystal Klear, Maxmillion Dunbar.
Labels: Hivern Discs, Ghostbox, 100% Silk.
DJs: Bxcentric, Chamboche,

Boggy - Artists: Scuba, Kindness, Lazaro Casanova, Todd Terje, Neville Watson, M.A.M, Brennan Green, Naum Gabo, Jam Factory, Elphino, Life & Death, Legowelt.
Labels: L.I.E.S, Rush Hour, Hivern Discs, PPU, 100% Silk, Throne of Blood, Clouded Vision, Jiaolong,Numbers, Phantasy, Permanent Vacation.
DJs: Jackmaster, Jacques Renault, Ata,Scuba

It's kind of cliche but could you both give us your top track of 2011?

Pete: Ragysh by Todd Terje

Boggy: The Bay by Metronomy.

And finally, what kind of set can we look forward to when you play at GETDOWNORDIE #3?

RR: Hopefully something that educates as well as entertains, spans lots of genres and gives us the opportunity to play new tracks next to old. Really looking forward to it!

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