Our gal pal Scarlett Etienne recently dropped this rather dark techno mix for the folks over at Don't Stay In. If you're prepping yourself for the weekend, this'll get you in the mood. Check the track list below then take yourself to a darker place.

* * *

Björk talking about Cities
Mickey Moonlight - Close to Everything (Martin Brothers Remix)
Alixander III - Dichtschlamm
Steve Bug - This is Acid
Instra:mental - Pyramid
Worthy & Eats Everything - Tric Trac
Anthony Rother - ????
Shadow Dancer - Catmoves
NT89 - Payne
Scarlett and the Pixels - Sea of LCD (Scarlett Etienne Remix)
I:Cube - Transpiration
BSI - Nightwish
Factory Floor - Two Different Ways
Darabi - Truckin' / Björk talking about her TV
Deadstock 33's - Trixy

* * *

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