Yeah, not long now. GETDOWNORDIE Party #4 is almost here. The theme for this one is definitely 'Uber Fabulous'. Mainly due to the fact that our head-liner is the rather beautiful and totally fabulous, Scarlett Etienne. You can expect a blend of disco, house and techno throughout the night.

That's not all, we'll be joined by the genius that is Alex Egan. He'll be taking you on a musical journey through time and space that'll have you wondering if you're in a club at all. Plus there'll obviously be support from DJ about town, Lemmy Ashton (who you can always rely on to drop some disco bombs) and the GETDOWNORDIE DJs. March is looking to be one of our best parties yet. 

If you can't wait until the big night, feel free to check out Scarlett and Alex's most recent mixes below and if you need any further info about the night, hit up our Facebook page. See you there.

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