You'd think that with a name like Ghosts Of Venice, he'd be from somewhere a bit farther afield than Yorkshire. That's right guys, GOV is homegrown. One of the few big name DJs/producers out there who creates/plays really atmospheric warm fuzzywuzzy house music (none of that  minimal bollocks) and he's a Brit.

I asked him to go away and put together a mix for us. He came back with forty-five minutes of pure feel good Chicago house for y'all to get down to/jack to/make love to/whatever it is you want to. The last couple of tracks are on Stripped & Chewed, (a label that GOV curates for) it's all good stuff so go check out their site.. There's not much else to say other than, listen, download and enjoy.

* * *

1. DJ Sneak - Throw Your Hands Up 
2. Studio 45 Pres Le Pamp Playhouse - I Like The Sounds
3. Jon Allegro - Darlin Baby 
4. Peter Horrevorts - Crackhouse
5. Bartosz Brenes & Bicycle Corporation - Makes You High (feat. Mr Eyez) (Simba Remix)
6. Da Mongoloids - Spark Da Meth (Bangin Like A Benzi Remix)
7. Ian Procell - The Big Windy
8. Chicago Life - With You
9. Alec Carlsson - Doux Velour

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Chicago to Venice - A Mix by Ghosts Of Venice - Download

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