Picture this. Gaspard and Xavier (Justice, for those of you living under a fucking rock), sitting in their multi-million dollar Hollywood home eating crepes. They get a call from Pedro. He tells them that Annie Mac from world famous BBC Radio 1 wants them to put together a mini-mix for her show. Pedro tells the duo that Annie wants them to use their harder shit. They look at each other and at the same time they say 'ROCK N ROLL MINI-MIX' (because that harder shit ain't got no business being in a mini-mix). 

In reality, I have no idea how this came about, they probably just received an email and put it together when they were bored but it's something a bit different and rather bloody good from everybody's favourite leather loving Parisian duo. I highly recommend grabbing it below.

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Justice - 5 Minute Mini-Mix for Annie Mac - 24.2.2012 - Download

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