I'm posting this weeks Dancefloor Weaponry a day early as I'm moving house tomorrow and might not have an internet connection for the next few days. So, to prepare you for the weekend, I suggest that you download these tracks, turn the volume up to eleven and prepare to jiggle and jive. As usual, they're all 320s so DJs, feel free to chuck them in your sets.

P.S. For all you electro/techno lovers, I highly recommend the Just Regular Guys remix of 'Four II' by Knobsticker, it's just a biiiit too good.

* * *

Knobsticker - Four II (Just Regular Guys Remix) - Download

M83 - Midnight City (Sharam Jey Remix) - Download

Madeon - Icarus (Extended Mix) - Download

Rogue Vogue - Let Me Go - Download

Treasure Fingers - Rooftop Revival (Bro Safari Remix) - Download

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