Ahead of next Fridays party at The Waiting Room, We've asked all the DJ's playing for their favourite 10 tracks of all time and why. First up, Daruma Visions own, Figaro.

Earth, Wind & Fire – September

The first tune that my sister showed to me when I was really young and still living in Japan. I play this tune in January, February, March, April, May and of course, September too.

Kolsch – Opa

I heard this tune at Bugged Out Weekender when I was filming. I and James from GDOD spent ages trying to find out the name of the tune. We were so sick of it by the time we actually found out. 

Squarepusher - Come On My Selector

Squarepusher is my favourite electronic musician and Chris Cunningham is my favourite music video director. So that makes this is the perfect tune for me.

Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better

When my friends want me to put some music on from my iPod, I always put this tune on. And they always say this is the favourite tune. It’s always in my iPod too.

DJ Krush – Kemuri (Untouchable Mix)

The best DJ in Japan. He is untouchable indeed. Everytime I hear this tune in his set, it makes me scream “OOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Kavinsky – Nightcall

The soundtrack from ‘DRIVE’ is superb. I wonder how much Kavinsky got paid from the movie?

Para One - Dundun-Dun (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Probably my favourite electro tune. I used be a drum & bass DJ but when I heard this tune from Justice’s set at I love techno 2006 on Youtube, I was like ‘Fuck DNB’. That’s how I converted to an electro / techno DJ.

Dennis Meyer – Mirror

A cool track that I found recently. It a wicked techno party tune.

The Partysquad – Soundbwoi Ya Dead

Another good track from new releases. I hate reggae but I love reggae-influenced electronic electro tunes. It is very strange...

Canblaster – Clockworks

I love canblaster. When I met him at the Bugged Out birthday event at the coronet, I thought he was just a Skrillex fan because he looks just like him, then I found out he is the one and only Canblaster when he started djing. This is my favourite tune from his works.

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