Earlier today, Mr. Oizo posted a link to his new site where you could download his latest EP 'Stade 3' for free. As expected, this follow up EP is just as quirky and dark as the previous. The title track, the second track 'Toodoo' and track number four 'WC', are the pieces that carry this release. Every other track just seems like filler (great filler nonetheless). I highly recommend grabbing this ASAP (try not to play it too loud or your neighbours'll probably think you're a bit weird - like mine do...) and I can't wait to hear one of the aforementioned tracks being played out live at some point (if Oizo ever decideds he feels like playing London again). 

* * *

1. Stade 3
2. Toodoo (feat. Carmen Castro)
3. Fingers
4. WC
5. Textes
6. Calculatrix
7. Pee Hurts

Mr. Oizo - Stade 3 - Download
Password: 3000

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