Lemmy Ashton's at it again. He takes a perfectly good rock song and turns it into a steaming pile of utter shit. Wait...that's not right. He's molded it into a steaming pile of shit...made of GOLD. Lemmy always transforms tracks for the better (remember his Tube Lord remixes?). This latest reworking of the amazing O. Children single 'Chimera' doesn't steer away from their dark indie-rock vibe but still manages to maintain that dance-like-a-slut vibe that Lemmy always manages to probe his remixes with.

Listen and download below, then don your favourite leather trousers and denim vest and prepare to air guitar your way into a coma (be careful, Lemmy'll rape you if you do).

* * *

O. Children - Chimera (Lemmy Ashton Remix) - Download

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