You should be well accustomed to us championing our pals over at Daruma Vision by now. Well, today we've got an exclusive preview of their new music video for Tom 64's 'What You Know' alongside a brief interview with their head honcho Taichi Kimura. Check out the interview and preview after the jump (the video preview will be below the interview just in case you CBA to read it all).

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To kick us off, give us a brief description of what it is that you (Daruma Vision) do.
We are a video production company based in the UK that films anything interesting or anything sexy (not porn). 
The majority of our work is from the music industry. I founded Daruma a year and half ago and now have a position as the creative director. My business partner Leon Sherman handles the business side of things.

For those who don't know, you've also directed films not in relation to the music industry. How does the direction process differ between the two?
I feel that music videos can be more artistic and abstract but when it comes to feature films, it has to have a narrative and then you can add some abstract elements later in order to add an artistic element and challenge the audience, whilst not giving them obvious answers.

Music videos can be totally abstract. It can be total nonsense like filming a panda eating bamboo for 3 minutes, but it's a lot to do with the connection with the music. So as long as the atmosphere of the images matches the music, people will accept it even though it doesn’t have a narrative at all, which I really like personally.

From a directors point of view, is it better to film live events or put together a music video from scratch?
I've  got to say that music videos excite me more personally. I used to watch loads of music videos by Chris Cunningham and Spike Jonez and imagined myself making music videos for musicians that I like back in the day. I feel music video is more like ‘my product’.

Creating visuals from scratch can be quite hard sometimes but its challenging and its a really fun process for me. I love live video as well but then it’s more like a documentary. If the musician is an interesting character already, then all I need to do is make sure I capture that essence. Sometimes the skill is not so necessary. Style, filming techniques and etc are just bonus, so I do feel music video is more personal and my thing I guess.

For your latest video 'What You know', why did you go for the 'tons-of-random-clips' theme instead of creating a 'story'?
I am at the stage where I am not so keen to do narrative structured music video right now. I am more into abstract format at the moment. It’s like ‘I feel like eating a chicken burger than a cheese burger recently, but I will eat cheese burger in a couple of month’. I guess I'm trying to separate my music videos from the live videos which normally has the certain narrative.

The actual theme of the music video is ‘portraits of youths with surrealism’. It's my projection of what youth culture should be. I always had a desire to film a bunch of cool people doing random stuff from the unique perspective. I had images in my head but they were really abstract until Tom64 sent me the track ‘What you know?’.When I heard that track, I felt the track have the perfect atmosphere to the images in my head and all these images got really cleared, I knew exactly what I wanted to film. I rang him immediately and said ‘I’m doing this music video, I will kill you if you get someone else’. So its more like music was added on top of the my visual, which is an unusual process of making a music video I guess. It’s a really personal piece for me and I was really lucky to meet the track.

How would you describe your general creative process (if you have one)?
There are two things I do a lot during my creative process. One is when I need ideas for a music video, I hop on the tube or a train with my iPod and listen to the music over and over. I love spacing out during the trip. The second thing is I have a lot showers when I’m editing, like 4 to 5 times a day. Somehow that is the best way to reduce my stress. The rest of the process are the same as other people I guess.
Out of all the artists you've worked with, who have you been most starstruck by? Plus, who would be your dream client?
Hmmmmm…Probably either Subfocus or Boys noize. My first ever drum & bass vinyl I bought was X-ray by Subfocus so I was really stoked when I got a filming offer from his management. I was sitting on an office chair then when I read the email, I screamed and put my fist up from the excitement, I lost my balance and fell backwards with the chair. The chair’s back got completely fucked and the arm was snapped. Now I’m using this crappy camping chair that my mom gave to me. Really uncomfortable, need to get a new one.

Boys Noize was simply an amazing Dj and the crowd went insane at the coronet. I was mega tempted to dance like ape shit when he dropped ‘Jeffer’ towards the end of the set. Well, dream client…I've got so many but I would have to say Justice or Dj Shadow. But I'd also be really interested to film for Andrew W.K and Slipknot. Call me.

Seeing as you've lived in both Tokyo and London, which has the better music scene? Is there much difference?
That's an easy question. London for sure. It’s because a majority of the people who go clubbing in Japan are a lot to do with fashion. ‘It’s a cool place to go, that's why I go’. It’s really lame. The London crowd is very educated in terms of electronic music. The scene always creates fresh new genres as well as new artists. I think of it like the heart of electronic music. London's just a great place to be for club culture.

As a white person, I'm constantly preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Soooo, as you're always having to deal with Godzilla attacks, have you any tips for survival?
Godzilla is unpredictable. Even the Japanese people can’t predict when he'll appear. And when he does turn up, he fucks up absolutely EVERYTHING in Japan. Not in the USA. Not in China. Only in Japan. He doesn't give a shit if you're Rambo or Lady Gaga. He'll still fuck you up. As an experienced Godzilla geek since the age of 5, I must advise you all to always keep tuned into the news on TV or the radio and when you have found out he's in town, call Chuck Norris or Christopher Walken. They can probably help you out...most likely not though.

And finally, Where do you see Daruma this time next year? Are there any big projects you have in the works?
There are several exciting projects already lined up but I don’t want to ruin it so I’m not gonna name them all. But the one that excites me most is a ‘Daruma night’. We're planning to do a regular club event somewhere in London to expand our company. It will certainly be challenging but I am excited for it.
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And now, the preview for Tom 64's amazing new tune 'What You Know'. Listen to the full track HERE and look forward to the release of the full video on the 14th of this month.

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