We've been on a bit of a break over the last month or so. There's lots going on for throughout 2013 and beyond. We've teamed up with Daruma Vision to bring you a brand new East London club-night that goes by the name of 'Tokyo Wax'. With double the backing, you can expect bigger names on the lineup (don't worry, Lemmy Ashton isn't going anywhere. He's part of the fam) as well as swankier venues and ridonkulous visuals. Keep 'em peeled guys, 2013 is going to be HUGE for us.

All that jibber jabber aside, it's time for the obligatory top ten of the year. If you disagree with any of my choices, I don't give even one fuck. Not even a fraction of a fuck. I can dance to these tunes and that's all that matters in my very strange little head. Also, the Boston Bun track you want to be listening out for in that annoying little megamix is 'Housecall'. Anyway, have a little dance and if I don't post beforehand, merry Christmas and a happy new year you lot. Have a good one.

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