French DJ and producer Fobator has released material on numerous labels and played alongside the likes of Dusty Kid, Flight Facilities and Maelstrom. He's also a member of Get Monet, a DJ collective who've performed with artists and labels such as Ed Banger, Cherokee and Chateaubriand.

'Feel Good' and 'Emotion' are both floor filling house monsters, meant for unleashing at the peak of the night. There's a shitload of brilliant remixes on the EP from the likes of J-808, Jesse Scotto, So Fancy, Tommy Jacob and Tony Quattro. Each covers a different base and this package is sure to keep all club goers happy.

PLUS, we've got an EXCLUSIVE stream of the So Fancy remix of 'Feel Good'. This was our favourite mix from the package and we hope it encourages you to go out and buy the full release on the 11th of March. It'll be available as both a 12" and as a digital copy from Pointé Records.

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