This year will see two new mix series from us here at GETDOWNORDIE. One will promote the artists who will be playing at our new Tokyo Wax nights (don't worry, we'll still be doing the regular nights as well) and the other (GETDOWNORDIE Presents) will be highlighting the up and comers from around the world that we just can't stop listening to.

Kicking off the international mix series is Melbournite OK-NAR. Having ranked at number 33 in the international 'In The Mix' DJ ranking awards, he's already catching the eye (or ear) of some of the industries heavyweights. Today's mix highlights the broad range of musical styles that he uses in his sets. Expect pure party jams with a few classics thrown in for good measure. Here's hoping that OK-NAR get's to plat some international shows (cough'LONDON'cough) in the not too distant future.

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