Some brilliant new artists have popped up this year. There are a few that we plan to keep an eye on as they release new tracks, in the hopes that every release will be an improvement on the last. One artist who has been doing just that, is the cool cat known as Pawsa. Have a listen below to what he's managed to do with the vocals from the Gorillaz' 'Tomorrow Comes Today'. I think you'll agree with us when we say 'this is much better than the original and the Gorillaz should burn every copy of the original track and pay Pawsa a lot of money to produce every single one of their future releases'...

Maybe we went a bit over the top with that last bit...or all of it...

Nevertheless, if you like it, also have a listen to his brand spanking new, super fresh mega dope mix that's just full of those house jams we all love. Seriously though. Listen. Now.

Download: Pawsa - Tomorrow

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