The next Tokyo Wax night is almost upon us. Are you ready for eight hours of the best in disco and house, crazy japanese people screaming at everything and everyone else just being super hot and super fine? If you find that party, let me know, it sounds fucking amazing. BUUUUT if you want something else to do on Saturday the 31st of August (that's this month by the way), then come on down to Peckham Palais (that's in Peckham by the way) and dance the night away to a special 3 hour set from the incredible Soundstream (that's an alias of Soundhack by the way) as well as sets from WOLF Music head honchos, Matt Neale and Stu Clark AND Henry Fry will be back again spinning the specials (he plays some really freaky eclectic shit but it's still really good and a whole lot of fun to dance to).

Tickets are available HERE and you can check out the Facebook Event page for more info HERE.

Plus, have a listen to the mixes below to get in the mood AND finally, check out the crazy video promo from Daruma Vision at the bottom of the post (do you like rabbits?).

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